No Heat Tips

For no heat or no water emergencies, please see the following:

Any time your system fails to fire and you have no heat, it should be checked out by a licensed oil burner technician (that’s what we’re here for!), but there are a few things you can try after hours to prevent a night or weekend call.

  1. Check to make sure that all switches are on (especially the red switch at the top of the stairs).
    Atlantic Pratt - No Heat Tips
  2. Check your oil gauge. If you are completely out of oil, the gauge will read at or just above the empty mark. If it reads 1/8 or above you probably have a different issue (keep reading).
  3. Check the circuit breaker (hopefully it’s labeled). Sometimes it’s hard to tell if it’s off so it’s best to switch it off and then back on to be sure.
  4. For steam systems, check to make sure you have the proper amount of water in the boiler (typically the water level should be about two inches below the top of the sight glass).
  5. Press the reset button – ONLY ONCE! If you hear the burner run for less than a minute and then shut down, no flame was detected and the system needs to be serviced. Common reset buttons are pictured below.

If you still have no heat after trying these steps, give us a call! We’re here 24/7 for our regular customers.