Energy Saving Tips

Whether it is for home heating or cooling, most of us are trying to find how to be more energy efficient in order to save money. Here are some energy saving tips you can do to save money on heating and cooling your home.

  1. Thermostat control: Permanently reducing your thermostat setting in the winter can decrease your fuel consumption by 1 to 2% per degree. Using a programmable thermostat in the winter with a setback of 2-8 degrees for 8-16 hours per day reduces fuel consumption by 2-12%. NOTE: it is not recommended to use a setback for cooling in the summer, as the air conditioning system would take too long to recover. We recommend leaving the thermostat set to 72-76 degrees in the summer.
  2. Maintenance: It is important to have your heating system cleaned and tuned by a professional once a year for reliability, efficiency, and safety purposes. Cleaning and tuning your system properly can reduce fuel consumption by 5-10%. A free Preventative Maintenance & Tune-up (PM&T) is included with our service agreement.

    It is also important to replace the air filters in your furnace or air conditioner every 1-2 months and have your air conditioner serviced. To maximize efficiency and longevity, it’s important that your system have the proper amount of refrigerant and that the coils are free of debris. We are currently offering discounts on A/C tune-ups. Call for details.

  3. Equipment Upgrade: Replacing an old boiler is probably the best most effective way to reduce fuel consumption. A new System 2000 boiler can provide over 30% in fuel savings! There are currently significant rebates available when upgrading to a new system, but this program may end soon so contact us for a free quote! There are also substantial rebates available for installing new air conditioners and upgrading old units. See MassSave or call us for details.
  4. Insulation: Depending on how well insulated your home is, adding insulation can decrease your fuel consumption by 16-18%. If your attic is already insulated, adding more insulation can save an additional 2-3%. There are rebates available from MassSave for adding insulation.
  5. Windows: Replacing older windows with double paned windows can reduce fuel consumption by 10-13%. Rebates are available for this as well.

Source: Winter Energy Costs Task Force Report. Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Fall 2008

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