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Your South Shore Energy Professionals

If you live in the South Shore region of Massachusetts, you know just what Mother Nature is capable of. The extreme weather means you need a heating oil delivery and HVAC service company you can rely on year-in and year-out. You’ve come to the right place! Atlantic-Pratt Energy is here for you with heating and cooling installation and service, gas and oil equipment service, reliable heating oil delivery, and full-service air conditioning services in Abington, MA and from Boston to Plymouth. Contact us to become a customer today!


Home Heating Oil Delivery in Abington, MA

Welcome to Atlantic-Pratt Energy! With us, you’ll know the true meaning of service and value. We deliver top-notch home heating fuel oil to our valued customers in the South Shore region of Massachusetts. For a complete list of the towns we deliver fuel oil to, visit our service area page. When you’re ready to place your oil order, you can easily do that right here online!


Abington, MA Heating Oil Payment Plans

Our monthly payment plans allow you to divide your home heating oil costs into smaller, more manageable payments. Instead of paying for your heating bills all at once during the winter, benefit from all of these perks and more:

  • Lower, predictable heating oil bills
  • Convenient, equal monthly payments
  • Easier budgeting throughout the year


Oil and Natural Gas Heating Equipment Service in Abington, MA

Atlantic-Pratt Energy can assist with all your heating equipment whether you use heating oil or natural gas! Our certified technicians will expertly service your oil or natural gas furnace or boiler, providing you with top-notch efficiency and safety.

Furnace, Boiler, & Home Comfort Brands We Install

With us, you can get dependable installation and service for the following brands: Energy Kinetics System 2000 Boilers, Carrier Furnaces, Weil-McLain Boilers, Thermo Pride Furnaces, and Buderus. We trust these brands to keep your Abington, MA home safe and warm. If they ever fail, simply give us a call at (781) 848-4420. We’ll be at your side no matter what.

Our Oil & Gas Services:

  • Oil tank, furnace, and boiler installations
  • Preventative maintenance and tune-ups
  • Service agreements to save you money
  • Emergency service around the clock


Keep Your Abington, MA Home Cool with A/C from Atlantic-Pratt Energy

Our highly trained, certified technicians will provide unmatched service for all of your Abington, MA air conditioning needs. Simply contact us online or give us a call to book your A/C installation, tune-up, or repair.


Central and Ductless Air Conditioning Units

Considering an upgrade? We offer the best equipment on the market, including Carrier, RUUD, Unico, and Mitsubishi. Contact us for a high-efficiency upgrade that will help you cut your Abington, MA cooling costs by up to 10%, along with these other perks:

  • Get more reliable air conditioning
  • Keep your family safe and comfortable
  • Reduce need of emergency service and repairs
  • Avoid unexpected air conditioner breakdowns
  • Enjoy better efficiency and reduced electric costs
  • Increase the resell value of your home

What’s not to like? Contact us for a ductless or central A/C upgrade today!

No Heat in Abington, MA? Atlantic-Pratt Energy Can Help!

If you’re facing a no-heat emergency, don’t panic! Atlantic-Pratt Energy is always here to provide our valued customers with 24/7 emergency service. Still, to skip the stress of a midnight call, you can try checking to make sure your thermostat is on, then trying these steps to see if you can resolve the issue yourself. Remember, if these tips don’t work, please call us immediately at (781) 848-4420 and we’ll send a technician to your door.

  1. Check to make sure all switches are on, especially the red switch at the top of your basement stairs. These switches look and feel like light switches, and are often mistaken for them.
  2. If you use oil, check the gauge on your tank to ensure that you have enough heating fuel. If it’s at 1/8 or above, you should have enough to run your furnace or boiler.
  3. Check your circuit breaker. You can try switching it off and back on to ensure it’s working properly.
  4. For steam systems, ensure there is enough water in the boiler. Typically, the water level should be about two inches below the top of the sight glass.
  5. Press the red reset button on your furnace only once. If you hear the burner run for less than a minute before shutting down, the system will need to be serviced by an energy professional. That’s where we come in. Please give us a call so we can assist you and get your heat back up and running.


Spend Less on Abington, MA Energy Bills

Everyone wants to spend less on home heating and cooling without sacrificing comfort! Let us help you out with the tips below. They’ll help your furnace, boiler, or air conditioner last longer and cost less to maintain. As always, contact Atlantic-Pratt Energy for assistance or to book your appointment today!

Abington, MA Energy-Saving Tips

  1. Control Your Thermostat
    Permanently reducing your thermostat during the winter can reduce your fuel costs by up to 2% per degree. That means, by turning the heat down from 72 degrees to 67 degrees, you can save up to 5% each year on home heating! The easiest way to do this is with a programmable thermostat, which will allow you to keep temps low and lower them even more when you’re asleep or away.
  2. Book Annual A/C and Heating Tune-Ups
    Preventative maintenance is the best way to keep your equipment running smoothly throughout the seasons. Whether you have a ductless or central air conditioner or an oil or gas furnace or boiler, tune-ups can and will catch small issues before they turn into costly problems. They’ll also boost your system’s energy efficiency, saving you money in the long run.
  3. Upgrade Your Equipment
    There’s no shortcut to hardworking equipment. We offer the most highly efficient brands on the market, such as Mitsubishi. Most upgrades will save you anywhere from 10-30% on your home comfort! To book your high-efficiency installation today, contact Atlantic-Pratt Energy for a free estimate.
  4. Insulate Your Home
    Don’t let warm or cool air escape through the cracks! Consumers notice an average savings amount of 15% when they add insulation to their homes and ductwork. Additionally, upgrading your windows with double-panel glass can reduce air leakage by up to 10%, saving you even more.

Contact us to learn more energy-saving tips or get a free quote today!